JB Assures Fans GOT7 Did Not Disband And Will Continue To Look For Ways To Promote Together


JB’s recent live broadcast has given fans renewed hope of seeing GOT7 as seven together soon!

Recently, JB held a live broadcast on instagram to talk to his fans, during the broadcast, JB stressed that GOT7 did not disband at all and will continue to look for ways to promote together in the near future. He comforted the fans and assured them the group is far from over and that their relationship won’t be easily erased.

JB said,

“I will continue to promote JUS2 and will do so with GOT7 too. Please don’t worry. Currently, we’re looking for a way to do that, so please don’t worry. I saw a lot of people say that GOT7 has disbanded. I am saying this officially, GOT7 did not disband.”

This comes after the announcement of JYP that confirms no GOT7 member has renewed with them, the group members’ contracts expired in late-January and have since each went their separate ways. Despite not commenting on whether the group disbanded or not, fans were worried that it won’t be easy to see the group as seven again since each one will be pursuing their solo activities separately for the time being. Added to that, organizing group activities for idols in separate agencies is a very difficult task.

JB is yet to join an agency, he’s reportedly received various offers from many agencies and is considering his options. Meanwhile, Youngjae and Jackson joined Sublime Artist Agency, while Jinyoung officially signed with BH Entertainment. Mark returned to the U.S and will be dropping a new song soon.

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