Is Rosé The Next BLACKPINK Member To Open Her Own YouTube Channel?


Rosé may become the new idol who joins YouTube with her own channel.

On February 11, Rosé held a V live broadcast to celebrate her birthday with fans, during the broadcast she communicated with fans and talked about all sorts of things.

As many fans already know, Rosé is gearing up for her solo debut, when one fan asked her if she plans on starting her own YouTube channel, she replied with,

“I have a feeling I might open one after my solo release. I’ll probably create one then. I think you guys can look forward to it a lot.”

She then looked into the camera and playfully added,

“That’s a refreshingly straightforward spoiler, don’t you think? How was it everyone? How was it, everyone? It was a refreshingly clear spoiler, wasn’t it? It was pretty good, right?”

Fans can hardly wait to see Rosé open her own YouTube channel, recently, Jennie joined YouTube and has recently surpassed 5 million subscribers at a record time. Fans are excited to see what kind of content Rosé will upload to her own channel.

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Are you excited to potentially see Rosé’s YouTube channel?


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