Story Of How HyunA Treated Her Fans To A Delicious Meal And Expensive Luxury Brand Goods Revealed

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HyunA is known for being a kindhearted idol and this new story proves that once again.

On January 3, a fan of HyunA shared photos of galbi-tang and expensive goods to twitter, the fan revealed that they’ve went to see HyunA and asked her to recommend what to eat for lunch, she not only gave them recommendations but gave her card to them so they could enjoy their meal. She had told them to eat as much as they want.

HyunA’s manager picked up the card later, and the fan revealed that HyunA additionally gave them luxury brand t-shirt and socks.

This is not the first time HyunA has made headlines for giving back to fans, this happens often when she’s promoting her comebacks.

HyunA is currently busy promoting her latest release “I am not cool.”

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