HyunA Reacts With Class After Being Accused Of Bullying + P NATION Makes A Statement


HyunA has joined the list of idols who got accused of bullying this week. On February 23, an anonymous person (hereafter “A”) posted to an online community and accused HyunA of using school violence.

“A” claims that ‘all the evidence’ that points to her being a bully is gone, they referenced a situation in 5th grade where they allege HyunA took turns to slap them with two more friends. “A” alleges they didn’t say anything because they didn’t have evidence and questioned who’d believe them if they came forward with accusations. “A” also added HyunA’s graduation photos, in one of which HyunA’s face was ripped out and claimed the damage on her photo was done by the class members who didn’t have a good relationship with her.

HyunA saw the post and personally addressed the rumors, in a heartfelt instagram post she talked about debuting 14 years ago, she talked about being an imperfect human being but suffering because of the life she’s chosen as an idol since a young age. She debuted as a supporting child actor at the age of eight and as a trainee at an entertainment company at the age of 12 in fifth grade, she added,

“Almost immediately after school, I had to take the bus to go training, and with my young way of thinking, I felt like I was robbed of moments I could build memories and experience that I could gain only at that time. So what I want to say is, I have never slapped someone on the cheek or hit anymore and I hope that whoever wrote this post will have more happiness come find them.”

Netizens took HyunA’s side as its widely known that she’s been in the industry for almost all of her life and was thrust under the spotlight at a young age. Many questioned the intensions of the accuser and why they’ve brought up this issue only now that there is an ongoing movement.

This was followed with a statement by HyunA’s agency P NATION who basically reiterated the same thing; they called the allegations ‘false’ and wrote,

“HyunA began her career on TV when she was 8 years old, thus, she’s received attention since she was very young. She was not able to lead a normal school life and when she was young, she experienced difficult times due to that….

We want to state our position clearly, since we’re aiming to prevent such posts from tarnishing our artist’s reputation, we also don’t want emotional pain to happen due to the false rumors.

We reiterate that HyunA never used violence against someone or caused harm, and the recent claims are not true.”

They ended their statement with a promise to take strict legal action against those who spread such rumors.

Source: (A)


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