Hwang In Yeop Has This Beautiful Message To Tell Fans After The Conclusion Of “True Beauty”

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Hwang In Yeop has expressed his gratitude to fans after the conclusion of “True Beauty.”

On February 9, Hwang In Yeop posted a heartfelt letter to fans to thank them for their love and support while he was filming for “True Beauty.” The letter was posted to his instagram stories; here is what it said,


This is actor Hwang In Yeop.

It’s my first time writing a message to the fans, so I’m very nervous.

I will remember “True Beauty” as a precious drama to me. I am truly grateful and happy to have played the beautiful and wonderful character called Han Seo Jun.

And the biggest reason why this drama is so precious to me is because I was able to meet my fans who supported me. Thank you for sending lots of love and support while I filmed and until the very last True Beauty” broadcast.

I wondered whether I deserved to receive your overwhelming love but I was able to finish filming for the drama without getting tired because of the fans who always supported me.

It’s sad that I have to say goodbye to “True Beauty” and Han Seo Jun, but I hope that this remains a beautiful drama in your heart that you can watch whenever you miss it and want to see it.

I will do my best to greet you in the future with more improvements, so please keep an eye on me and if you wait a bit, I’ll return with a different side. Once again, thank you for supporting me.”

To end his letter, Hwang In Yeop asked fans to keep wearing their masks until COVID is gone and asked them to take care of themselves so they won’t catch a cold in this weather, he finished his letter with,

“I sincerely thank you for thinking fondly of me and loving me, and I love you.”

Hwang In Yeop is a rising rookie actor who received lots of love in the drama “True Beauty,” the drama ended its run on February 4 to mixed responses from fans who wished for a happier ending to Hwang In Yeop’s character.

If you’re curious about Hwang In Yeop, you can read more about the rising actor here.  


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