Fans Share Photos Of Brand Hiding (G)I-DLE Soojin’s Face Following Her Bullying Controversy


The fallout from (G)I-DLE Soojin’s bullying controversy is still ongoing!

On February 23, fans shared photos of brands hiding Soojin’s face with cards at beauty stores such as “Olive Young.” As some fans might already be aware, Soojin was selected as the model for PeriPera merely a couple of days before her controversy broke out.

However, according to Korean news outlet Hankyung, neither PeriPera nor the headquarters of Olive Young had requested the pictorial to be covered, but a few of the stores began covering them due to the controversy, adding that this was done in some stores not all of them.

More alleged victims keep coming forward in regards to Soojin’s bullying controversy, Cube had previously stated they would be taking strict legal measures against those who spread such rumors.

Soojin had also personally written a post addressing the controversy denying every claim made by the rumors, read it here.

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