EXO Chanyeol Apologizes To Fans In First Post Since His Alleged Cheating Controversy


EXO Chanyeol has finally broken his silence for the first time since his controversy.

The idol was embroiled in controversy in October of 2020 when his alleged ex-girlfriend accused him of cheating on her with multiple women and exposed him online. This was followed by a brief statement by SM, they stated that they couldn’t comment since its his private life.

Ever since the controversy, Chanyeol has mostly stayed out of the limelight except a few appearances here and there.

On February 25, Chanyeol posted to EXO’s official LYSN fan page, he wrote,

“Hello. This is EXO’s Chanyeol. Its been a while since I greeted EXO-L. Firstly, I’d like to apologize to EXO-L for causing concern, you’ve waited for me for a long time.

I am so sorry that I can’t express it in writing, but this was a time where I thought about EXO-L a lot. During this time, I couldn’t help but think about what I should say to EXO-L.

I’ve received the messages of support and letters you sent me for my birthday, thank you so much, I received them well. I read them all one by one and as I read them, my feelings of thankfulness and apology grew beyond my control.

I couldn’t help but think about how I could protect the hearts of our precious EXO-L and how I could repay you all, I’ll do my best to not make you worry again.

Also, I’ll do my best to show you that your faith in me wasn’t in vain.

Days have passed and I still haven’t forgotten about my first appearance. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who celebrated our 9-year anniversary this year.

I also remember myself from 9 years ago and I won’t forget that. I’ll never lose that mindset. I’ll make sure to protect the endless love you’ve given me.

EXO-L, please take care of your health. thank you.”

Fans were so moved by the letter, they’ve trended the hashtag #WELCOMEBACKCHANYEOL to celebrate his new post. They’re hoping that Chanyeol will be more active in the near future.


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