“Dear.M” Premiere Delayed Due To Bullying Accusations Against Park Hye Soo, Drama Future Is Unclear


“Dear.M” premiere has been delayed!

As previously reported, actress Park Hye Soo faced serious bullying allegations amid the recent movement. Her agency had denied all the allegations explicitly and stated they would be taking strict legal action. They have already begun collecting evidence and taking action against all but the first accusation since the poster explained they weren’t talking about Park Hye Soo.

Instead of things calming down, they became worse; more victims came forward with their own claims against Park Hye Soo.

K-netizens are asking the agency to properly address the accusations and face it head on. Since the accusations kept piling up, the future of her upcoming drama “Dear.M” became uncertain.

“Dear.M” cast already had to cancel certain appearances at events to promote the upcoming drama this past week following the initial allegations of school violence against her.

On February 24, KBS production team released a statement to announce that the drama’s premiere, originally scheduled for February 26, had been delayed. In their statement they explain that it’s due to the issue surrounding one of its cast member as well as to improve the quality of the drama. They also added that the new schedule for the press conference and premiere will be announced at a later date.

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