Well-Known Korean Singer Battling Cancer Revealed To Have Fainted Multiple Times+ He Assures Fans In New Interview

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Singer Choi Sung Bong is revealed to have been rushed to the ER twice last week.

According to a report by Korean media outlet XSportsNews, the singer was found passed out on the 8th and 13th last week and was rushed to the ER as a result. In a phone interview with the news outlet, the singer revealed that he’d taken too many painkillers while he focused on preparing for his upcoming album, he lost consciousness during the practice and was rushed to the hospital after an employee found him passed out. He received medical treatment for about 4 hours including CPR and gastric lavage.

Choi Sung Bong also revealed that the hospital recommended hospitalization considering his situation, but he wanted to leave because he was working on his upcoming album. However, the situation was repeated, and he fainted again.

In response to this, he said,

“You have to be alive before you can be happy or do whatever you want. You can only live once and I have been grateful for being alive after being told I will die soon when I was a child. But I am sorry to those who supported me because I feel like I haven’t been paying attention to my health.”

The singer added that due to his deteriorating health, he will likely be hospitalized again since he still feels dizziness, as a result, his comeback which was scheduled for some time in March will be postponed to April.

Choi Sung Bong was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer, prostate cancer, and thyroid cancer back in May 2020.

Get well soon.

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  1. Wow, so young to be going through this cancer. Three places must have him overwhelmed.!! Treating three types of cancer must be putting a toll on his body. I hope he can beat this horrible thing called cancer. Stay strong Choi Sung Bong. Your fans will stand behind you.!!

  2. If he could fight his past hardships and still pull through this is no exception, all he has to do is leave the rest out i know the album is important and so is his life , have faith, hope and courage God will surely not forsake him. Just take this as one of those mere test and you are the beast to devour all these hinder in your way, i am from Namibia and just learnt about you but i wish you fast recovery and i know you can do it, if you could survive the streets you can fight this as well

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