BTS Makes It To Esquire’s List Of “The Best Pop Bands Of All Time”

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It’s been revealed that BTS is the only Korean act to make it onto Esquire’s list of “The Best Pop Bands of All Time.”

The list was published on January 30 by the American magazine that described the genre “pop” by writing, “In simple terms, pop music is literally… popular music,” adding,

“When it comes to pop bands, we’re basically just looking at collectives of hit-makers, no matter their pop purity or crossover creed… The only requisite to making the cut? Topping the charts.”

The list looks at all the pop bands over decades of music starting all the way back to The Supremes (first founded in 1959).

BTS joins legendary pop icons The Beatles, Destiny’s Child, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Sly and the Family Stone, The Beach Boys, ABBA, The Temptations, and The Supremes.

Emma Carey who wrote the article said,

“While K-pop as a genre has been around for decades, BTS is arguably one of the vanguard acts to pioneer K-pop’s immeasurable worldwide success. With a fanbase that is aptly described as ‘ARMY,’ BTS’s beloved septet has rapidly redefined boy bands, fandoms, and pop music itself. Their hits ‘Dynamite‘ and ‘Life Goes On‘ offer a blend of pop, hip-hop, disco, and R&B, with catchy melodies that are often laced with social commentary-based lyrics.”

Congratulations to BTS!

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