BTS J-Hope is celebrating his birthday by giving back!

On February 18, BTS J-Hope became 27 years old, he celebrated his birthday by donating a whopping 150 million won (approximately $135,400) to ChildFund Korea, a child development organization.

Through ChildFund Korea, J-Hope stated that he found out that the number of vulnerable families is increasing significantly due to the prolonged COVID-19 situation is increasing, he’s extending support to children with disabilities during this situation.

J-Hope’s donation will go towards assisting children with disabilities who are facing financial struggles. It will be used to finance child care, academic support, and facility maintenance for children with visual or hearing impairments.

ChildFund Korea also recognizes individuals who donate amounts greater than 100 million won by instating them as members of the Green Noble Club, J-Hope is a part of the club and is its 146th member, he’s donated a total of 600 million won (approximately $541,700).

J-Hope’s positive influence is also extending to his fans, as many ARMY are also donating to the charity in his name as well.

Happy birthday, J-Hope!

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