BlockBerry Creative Denies Bullying Allegations Made Against LOONA’s Chuu And Ask Netizens To Refrain From Creating Rumors


LOONA’s Chuu has also been accused of school violence!

On February 22, an anonymous person (hereafter referred to as “A”) who claims to have graduated from the same school as Chuu claimed she used school violence.

“A” calls her by her birth name Kim Ji Woo, they claimed that she drove a wedge between others and another classmate “B,” and made it appear as if “A” was the person who orchestrated the whole thing. “A” added that after Chuu invited her to a group chat, she threatened and cursed at her. “A” claimsed Chuu would continuously ask her to apologize, and every time she left the chatroom she’d been invited to, she’d invite her right back. Once, she pulled her hair and asked her why she didn’t apologize. She says because she cursed at her so much and said her hair was greasy; she ended up washing it three times a day during break.

This was followed by another netizen who also claims to have graduated from the same elementary and middle school as Chuu with a similar story saying she used to drive a wedge between her and her friends. The netizen also assumed Chuu stole their belongings that went missing when they saw Chuu getting caught stealing at a stationary store.

On February 23, Chuu’s agency BlockBerry Creative released a statement denying the rumors, they stated,

“The claims raised include information that differ from the truth. Thus, the issue should no longer be spread any further. The company will take all possible measures within our limits if our artist’s image and reputation are harmed through the spreading of false information without any evidence.”

They ended their statement by asking netizens who spread speculative reports based on one-sided claims to stop.

Chuu debuted as a member of LOONA in 2018.


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