Popular Korean BJ Mettel Passes Away At 36, She Posted One Last Video Saying Goodbye

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Popular Korean BJ Mettel has reportedly passed away.

On January 4, one last video of Popular Korean BJ Mettel was posted to her YouTube channel causing shock among her fans. The video was titled, ‘thank you for everything, good bye.’ Through various Korean news outlets, it was revealed that BJ Mettel has passed away on February 3 and the video was uploaded on February 4.

BJ Mettel was only 36 years old when she passed away. Her family has decided not to receive condolences due to quarantine measures. Her fans are sending her their condolence via social media. Many were shocked by the sudden news.

In the video she posted on her channel, BJ Mettel talked about having bipolar disorder and had taken drugs for 3 years but stopped and began to isolate herself. She said,

“I was making money but wasn’t taking care of myself. I was living without any happiness. I wanted to quit.”

At the end of the video, she breaks down in tears and apologizes to her family, fans and everyone she knows for making this decision. She also thanked her fans in English and said ‘goodbye,’ before the video ended.

May her soul rest in peace.

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