Big Hit Entertainment, YG Entertainment and Universal Music Group To Launch A Digital Streaming Platform Together


Interesting news coming for fans who are enjoying online concerts!

On February 10, it was revealed that YG and UMG had become joint investors in KBYK Live, a joint corporation that Big Hit Entertainment launched with Kiswe. Through YG and UMG’s investment, KBYK Live plans to launch the “VenewLive” platform on a global scale with various musicians, including agency artists.

Big Hit and Kiswe had previously launched their joint corporation in September 2020. The joint corporation launched the digital live streaming platform VenewLive, the same one used to hold online concerts of Big Hit Entertainment artists such as BTS’s online concerts “BANG BANG CON: The Live” and “BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E.”

Fans had previously noted that the concerts on the said platform showed stable audio and video performance despite the high volume of traffic it experienced. The concerts offered 4K/HD service and multi-view streaming, as well as interactive functions like a live chat, and Bluetooth connection with light sticks.

According to a rep from Big Hit, the platform will be used to showcase high-level concerts from the top global artists that represent Big Hit, YG, and UMG. The platform will use advanced technology to showcase unique content to each artist and a customized concert experience.

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