Are GOT7 Members Teasing Their First Group Activity Since Leaving JYP? The Members Recent Instagram Stories Spark Theories


The GOT7 Members have all posted something to their instagram accounts and it has fans guessing!

On February 19 around 4 p.m. KST, each GOT7 member posted a letter back to back. JB, Jinyoung, Mark, BamBam, Youngjae and Yugyeom each revealed a single alphabetical letter against a black background while Jackson shared a green heart dedicated to fans instead.

The letters spell out ‘encore’ and it has fans guessing about the possible meanings behind it, could GOT7 be preparing for something? Will this be their first group activity following their departure from JYP? Could it be a possible song title?

The members all left JYP Entertainment after their contracts expired back in January, most of the members have already signed to new agencies.

Fans are buzzing on social media and attempting to piece the letters to explain what the members could possibly mean by it. The members did hint that it’s not the end for GOT7 and that the group didn’t disband.

In related news, Yugyeom spoke about why the members decided to leave JYP, read more on that here.

Can you guess what GOT7 is trying to say?


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