Actress Park Hye Soo Faces School Violence Accusations, Agencies Denies And Promises Strict Legal Action


Actress Park Hye Soo has denied rumors of being a perpetrator of school violence.

On February 22, one netizen (henceforth called “A”) claimed to have attended the same school as the actress and left a comment on her SNS writing, ‘hye soo unnie, I am xxx from Dae Chung Middle School. I hope you pay for your sins.’

“A” claimed that Park Hye Soo called their dad, cursed at him and then slapped her, and added she didn’t apologize not even once. “A” also claimed that she was a rebel herself but didn’t torture her friends or hit them like Park Hye Soo, and despite how close they were, Park Hye Soo would create trouble between their group of friends and leave someone out in the cold.

Things became serious when another classmate (henceforth called “B”) also commented on this and said, ‘don’t delete the articles and comment. You should apologize and I hope you never come on TV again. I want to write about what you did but I can’t because I am scared of what you did to the original writer. Everyone, she was really a school bully.”

Another accuser “C” also talked about an actress who bullied them but had a ‘pure image,’ some netizens thought they were referring to Park Hye Soo but “C” denied it and erased the post. That specific post was posted on February 20.

On February 22, Park Hye Soo’s agency Studio Santa Claus Entertainment released denying the accusations calling the posts and comments ‘involving malicious slander, groundless speculation, and criticism.’ The agency stated that after conducting an investigation into the posts, they confirmed the posts were false information aimed to slander Park Hye Soo by exploiting the current atmosphere of school violence.

Thus, the agency will be taking strict legal action against such rumors and will also file civil claims for damages. They’re currently preparing to submit complaints against the offenders and will continue to take action while monitoring the situation.

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