“The Uncanny Counter” Announces The New Screenwriter Replacing Yeo Ji Na As It Prepares For Season 2

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“The Uncanny Counter” has revealed the name of the screenwriter replacing Yeo Ji Na.

Last night, OCN shocked fans by announcing the sudden departure of the screenwriter who has been working on the drama thus far. It is said that due to differing opinions, Yeo Ji Na left the production after writing episode 12, episode 13 was written by the PD while episode 14-16 will be written by the new screenwriter.

Screenwriter Kim Sae Bom will write the remaining episodes of this season according to a new report by Sports DongA. Episode 13 of “The Uncanny Counter” garnered mixed responses from fans, some of them thought it was ‘sloppy’ and its ending felt ‘sudden.’

In the same report, it’s been stated that “The Uncanny Counter” is preparing for its second season, a confirmation from OCN regarding the details hasn’t been that clear yet, however, OCN did confirm they were in the process of preparing for it, no confirmation on the schedule has been revealed.

Previously, OCN confirmed they were discussing turning “The Uncanny Counter” into a seasonal series but were checking with the cast to see if they’re available.

“The Uncanny Counter” is based on a webtoon and has recently become the first and only OCN drama to surpass 10% in ratings.

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My personal thoughts- by Jass K.

I must say, I am surprised, we don’t usually see this in kdramaland, especially so late on in the series.

As I’ve previously discussed, episode 13 was among the sloppiest in my opinion which is clear when you find out that the PD wrote it. It’s a lot more different than the way its been handled so far.

I don’t know how to feel about turning “The Uncanny Counter” into a seasonal drama but I understand the appeal, there are endless possibilities and it’s not like there will ever not be evil spirits, it’s easy to turn it into multiple seasons. Since its doing so well, naturally OCN would want to capitalize on the hype. I just hope they properly wrap up this season, not leave any dangling threads, it’s better to finish this and move on to the next thing [evil spirits], I really hope they properly end it.

In my opinion, if they wanna capture the charm of the first season, they must bring back the original 5, I don’t know if it’ll work out or not, but I’ll surely be there to check out how it unwraps. I think it’d be a shame if any of them drops out, it’ll certainly make me less excited, I like their chemistry together and I think that is a huge part of why the drama is such a success.

The way the last episodes will unravel will definitely affect how a lot of things will be handled, to say the new screenwriter is under immense pressure is an underestimate, I wish them the best of luck, they’ll need it.

By Hilda Moore

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