The Kpop Idol Who Learned Sign Language To Thank A Taxi Driver, His Heartwarming Story Goes Viral


This beloved Kpop idol story has become a trending topic!

Recently, AB6IX‘s Donghyun sat down for an hour to chat with fans on V Live, during the broadcast he talked a story that has since gone viral.

On the broadcast, he taught fans how to say ‘thank you’ in sign language and went on to explain how he learned that. He explained that recently, he got into a taxi and when he attempted to talk to him to confirm it was the correct taxi, he didn’t reply to him, then, he saw there was a sign posted on the back of the seat that says this taxi is driven by a hearing-impaired person.

Donghyun said he felt so bad for assuming the driver ignored him and decided to learn how to say ‘thank you’ while riding to his destination. He watched a YouTube tutorial on that and thanked the driver as he got out.

Donghyun added,

“I am not telling you this to get compliments, but I think it would be nice for our fans to do this for the drivers.”

The heartwarming story has since gone viral, you can check out the full V live here.

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