The Big 4 Agencies All Said To Be Preparing To Debut New Groups In 2021, Here is Who’s Debuting What

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Looks like 2021 is going to be jam packed with new debuts!

On January 2, Korean news outlet EDAILY reported that more than 10 entertainment agencies are said to be preparing to debut new groups in 2021, this includes the big 4 agencies SM, JYP, YG and Big Hit.

One of the first new idol groups set to debut is MLD Entertainment’s first boy group T1419.

SM is said to be preparing to debut a new boy group that isn’t part of the NCT universe. YG is said to be preparing to debut a new girl group, as previously announced, and Big Hit is also preparing to debut a new girl group [in collaboration with Source Music], and an upcoming boy group with former I-LAND trainees in Japan.

JYP Entertainment is reportedly preparing to debut two new rookie boy groups, one in Korea and one in China.

Which one of these idol rookies are you looking forward to see?

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