[TRENDING] Rapper Beenzino And Stefanie Michov Are Getting Married

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Rapper Beenzino has proposed to his long-time girlfriend Stefanie Michova on New Year’s Eve!

The couple has been together since 2015 and is known for being openly affectionate to each other; they’ve showcased their amazing relationship multiple times on variety shows.

On January 1, Beenzino posted on Instagram a video from after his proposal, in the video, Stefanie Michov is still crying after getting proposed to, she showed off her ring. He also posted a couple of photos from the kitchen and his proposal event.

On one of his instagram posts, he wrote,

“Now that I have accomplished the last thing I planned for 2020, I have no regrets. Although, we’re not welcoming the New Year at home, which is very different from how we’ve done it at other times, I’ve never been this happy before.

I don’t know what happiness, sadness, etc. awaits us in 2021, but I am starting it feeling encouraged. PS. When you propose, your mind goes blank and you cry… PS2. It’s the turn for all of us to be happy in the new year!!!!”

Stefanie Michova also posted her own photos of the event and wrote in English,

“I’m so excited and happy to start 2021 with so much happiness and love.”

Congratulations to the couple!

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