Police Won’t Conduct An Autopsy On Rapper Iron, Investigation To Conclude


It’s been confirmed that no autopsy will be conducted regarding Rapper Iron’s sudden passing.

On January 25, Rapper Iron’s body was found atop a flower bed outside his apartment complex. At the time, police stated they were investigating the matter and consulting the family on whether an autopsy should be performed.

On January 26, the Seoul Jungbu Police Station confirmed in a statement to the press that the investigation into the death of rapper Iron will conclude without an autopsy.

Police has concluded that there is no possibility that it was homicide and the ‘cause of death is clear, no autopsy will be conducted.’

As for the reason behind Iron’s death, police stated that they could not share the reason as it’s a matter related to his private life, no note was found on the scene.

May his soul rest in peace.

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