“Penthouse” Season 2 Confirms Premiere Date With Shocking New Trailer

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“Penthouse” Season 2 premiere date has finally been confirmed!

After much speculation, SBS has confirmed the date of season 2 of “Penthouse,” previously, it was rumored that it was scheduled to air in early February of 2021 but plans appeared to have been changed.

On January 12, SBS released a shocking new teaser trailer signaling the return of “Penthouse” Season 2, featuring the main cast members, some of which appear to have returned for revenge. At the end of the teaser trailer, SBS confirmed that “Penthouse” Season 2 will air on February 19.

The “Penthouse” Season 2 has been moved to Friday & Saturday timeslot instead of Monday & Tuesday.

After the shocking cliffhanger finale episode “Penthouse” Season 1, fans are excited to see what season 2 will bring to the table.

Will you be watching “Penthouse” Season 2?

My personal thoughts- by Jass K.

Not many people might give this much of a thought, but personally, I can feel a shift in Korean media consumption, especially dramas. While it might not appear to be so on first look, but the second season of the “Penthouse” will become a test subject for future broadcasting stations to refer to, here is what I mean.

Usually, even if a kdrama was a massive hit, it almost always ended with one season, no matter how big it was. “Penthouse” was also planned for only one season but due to its massive popularity, it’s been extended to not one, but two more seasons. A risky move that we’re yet to see if it’ll succeed.

If this tactic proves to be a success, I think it’ll become more normal for other broadcasting stations to follow suit. If a drama formula and script proves to be a massive hit, instead of coming up with new ideas that could potentially yield bad results, they can continue to capitalize on existing successful dramas.

SBS has taken a huge risk with the “Penthouse” in my personal opinion. Two more seasons is too much, I fail to comprehend what more ‘shocking’ shenanigans the cast could end up doing. At the end of the first season they basically reverted everything back to normal as if nothing has ever happened in preparation for the second and third act.  

We have 24 more episodes to go, I am super curious to see if Korean netizens will still be interested in the drama as it goes on, this year is going to be a huge year for kdramas.

By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.

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