“The Uncanny Counter” screenwriter has left!

On January 17, a rep from OCN’s drama “The Uncanny Counter” announced the news via an official short statement, in their statement; they explained that writer Yeo Ji Na has stepped down from the show after mutual agreement.

The last episode Yeo Ji Na wrote was episode 12, while episode 13 was written by director Yoo Sun Dong. Episode 12 has aired last week already; fans are surprised by the sudden announcement.

And the reasoning is ‘disagreements with the production team over the story’s development.’ The source states that the departure was mutual and not on bad terms.

“The Uncanny Counter” is planning to find a different writer to write the remaining episodes of the drama.

It’s worthy to note that episode 14 airs today and that the finale (episode 16) will air on January 24, next week.

“The Uncanny Counter” stars Jo Byeong Gyu and Kim Sejeong, and is the highest rated drama in OCN’s history, it recently surpassed the double digits in ratings.

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