tvN’s “Mr. Queen” is on its way to become one of the highest rated cable dramas of all time!

On January 17, “Mr. Queen” aired its 12th episode which ended with a seriously shocking cliffhanger. According to Nielsen Korea, “Mr. Queen” 12th episode scored an average of 13.2% nationwide and a high of 14.6%, making it the series best numbers to date. In Seoul’s metropolitan area it recorded an average of 14.3% and a high of 16.3%.

“Mr. Queen” is led by Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun and tells the story of a modern day chef who slips into a queen’s body the Joseon period.

The 12th episode of “Mr. Queen” became a hot discussion among fans who were surprised by its nerve-wracking and shocking final moments.

“Mr. Queen” is now among the 10 highest rated dramas in cable channel history overtaking “Signal” spot. It’s also the 6th highest rated tvN drama overall. Fans are certain the drama will end up breaking even more ratings records as it has 8 more episodes to go.

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