Mnet Reveals iKON Are In Talks To Appear On “KINGDOM,” Fans Share Mixed Feelings

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Mnet has released a new update on “KINGDOM,” and it’s creating a buzz.

On January 22, Mnet confirmed to Newsen that they’re currently in talks to have iKON appear on “KINGDOM,” adding that they’re currently making final adjustments before the filming begins.

iKON is a group from YG Entertainment, that was formed through a survival show and due to the nature of Mnet survival shows, fans have divided opinions on whether it’ll be a good idea if iKON appeared on the show or not.

It’s expected that “KINGDOM” will air some time in April this year. Last year,  Mnet confirmed that ATEEZ and Stray Kids would join The Boyz on the show, The Boyz took home the top title for “Road To Kingdom” and were set to appear in “KINGDOM” to compete with more groups.

Would you like to see iKON on “KINGDOM”?

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  1. I don’t have much faith in their performance prospects, they’re going against some tighter, brighter, higher energy groups, but they need this. Here’s hoping they can use this to revitalize and get a second wind.

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