Lee Min Ho Surprises Fans By Revealing He’s Auditioned For His Upcoming Apple TV+’S Drama “Pachinko”


Lee Min Ho has recently sat down to talk about his upcoming drama Apple TV+’s “Pachinko” and revealed some interesting insight into how he got the role.

Lee Min Ho participated in a pictorial and interview with GQ Korea and during the interview portion, he was asked about whether auditioning for the show meant he was guaranteed the role, he answered,

“No not at all. Its been about a decade since I auditioned, the circumstances have changed since then. I thought it would be embarrassing if I failed the audition and I was determined to get the role, so I worked really hard to prepare for it.

I was very nervous and excited, I felt pressured about having to do well, and I was really happy when I got the part.”

“Pachinko” tells the story of four generations of a Korean immigrant family and how their story unfolds across Korea, Japan, and the United States. Lee Min Ho plays the role of Hansu, a rich powerful man who has ties to organized crime.

Lee Min Ho has impressed with his roles across the years and has been labeled the ‘knight in shining armor’ by his fans, he said he wasn’t hesitant to make changes,

“If the knight in shining armor is my representative image, then I should keep doing it until I become that. I should stop pursuing this image after reaching the peak, so I thought that after ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ it was over, and I wanted to make a change.

That’s when I met ‘Pachinko,’ and that determination became stronger and this is why I also started ‘leeminho film.’”

Are you excited for Lee Min Ho’s upcoming drama?

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