Kim Sejeong On Her Chemistry With EXO Sehun: Says She Doesn’t Personally Contact Him Assuring Fans


Kim Sejeong’s recent Live broadcast has fans talking and here is why!

On January 11, Kim Sejeong took to her instagram to interact with fans via a live broadcast, during the broadcast she touched on many subjects while enjoying her dinner, she answered one of the fans questions about her relationship with EXO Sehun, which has become a trending topic.

Previously, Sejeong and Sehun had gotten close after they appeared on Netflix’s “Busted,” some fans loved their interactions together and their great chemistry, while other more obsessive so-called fans showed worry over it in fears of them getting into a romantic relationship.

In her live, when asked if she contacted Sehun recently, Sejeong denied it saying they have nothing much to talk about, she added,

“To the fans, please don’t worry, please don’t. Of course, we’re close friends and share good chemistry on screen but don’t worry, there will never be such a thing [referring to dating], ever. We have never contacted each other personally.

We only film our project together, so there is nothing to worry about.”

Sejeong also says she had doubts addressing this but due to the amount of DMs and comments she kept getting about it, she decided to address it, she also said that some netizens are leaving terrible comments on her mother’s instagram relating to this issue, she asked them to stop and assured them, ‘there is seriously nothing to worry about.’

You can check out the full broadcast below:

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