K-Netizens Furious After A Famous SBS Announcer Accidentally Leaked Major Spoilers Of “Penthouse 2”

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SBS announcer Kim Soo Min is under heavy fire for spoiling major parts of “Penthouse 2” plot.

The issue was found when she recently uploaded a vlog to her personal YouTube channel, in the video, she announces that she’s going to have a special appearance on “Penthouse 2,” she was practicing the script during the video holding a script.

The video scene was edited to fast forward and to the naked eyes the contents couldn’t be heard or seen easily. However, some online communities have claimed that she gave major spoilers of “Penthouse 2.”

When edited to show a slower pace, netizens found out a lot of what she was saying and the spoilers were major plot points set to happen in season 2 of the show.

Note: this article will not mention the said spoilers out of respect for the screenwriter’s hard work.

The issue gained massive attention and soon spread to various online communities leading to the announcer deleting the video from her YouTube channel and setting her SNS account to private due to the massive backlash.

Netizens didn’t mince words when criticizing announcer Kim Soo Min for her actions. “Penthouse” has become one of the biggest SBS dramas of 2020 and has managed to gain massive popularity, netizens argue that spoiling such major lines of the popular show compromises the hard work the screenwriter has been putting in to perfect the script and surprise viewers.

Announcer Kim Soo Min is known for being the youngest announcer to join SBS in 2018. She hosts many shows on SBS.

SBS has not yet addressed the situation and since major plot points appear to have been spoiled, it is unknown if this will affect the filming of the drama.

“Penthouse 2” will air sometime in February.

Stay tuned for updates!

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