J.Y Park Unfollows GOT7’s Bambam, Jinyoung, and Mark + Bambam Epic Reaction

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Fans have recently discovered that J.Y Park no longer follows these GOT7 members and it’s making headlines!

With GOT7’s contract expiration coming up, news about each member’s fate has been making headlines everywhere. Jinyoung was rumored to have met up with BH Entertainment to sign as an actor, while Yugyeom was rumored to be planning on signing with AOMG, an agency established by the former JYP artist Jay Park.

With the news made public, JYP has stated that they’re still discussing the members’ contracts renewals in various ways and will announce the results once they reached a decision.

Fans have mixed feelings and are worried about GOT7’s future as a group. Since the topic is being discussed, fans have discovered that that J.Y. Park had unfollowed Bambam, Jinyoung, and Mark on Instagram, but he still follows Youngjae, Jackson, and Yugyeom. He never followed member JB.

This caused fans to start speculating on the reason why he no longer follows them on instagram. Fans also discovered that Youngjae unfollowed J.Y. Park and even deleted the video of him covering J.Y. Park’s song.

Fans took to twitter to discuss the matter; one tweet even got a reply from Bambam himself. The tweet was merely relaying the news that J.Y. Park had unfollowed Bambam, Jinyoung, and Mark.

Bambam responded with a shrug gif, added to that, fans discovered that some of his old tweets praising JYP has been deleted from his twitter account.

What do you think of this?

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  1. It’s big! Obviously something’s going on, but they can’t openly discuss it w/fans/media or any1 else til their contracts are up! Legally! Crazy! It definitely had 2 be something huge 4 JYP 2 unfollow & delete, then & vice versa! Now any memories or connections they had were all deleted! Now what would warrant such extreme behavior 2 go that far? Wild! I would’ve never thought in a million yrs that Yugyeom would sign w/AOMG Jay Park! Shocker!
    However, It’s sad both sides removed everything related 2 JYP & members, 2 go 2 as far all deleting Jinyoung’s, B.B.’s & Mark’s posts & profiles. That’s deep! 4 them going 2 those extremes, it’s huge!
    Shoot..I didn’t even delete my ex’s pics on any of my SNS’ & we strongly dislike each other, Idc enough 2 put in all that time & effort! It’s @ least memories 4 the kids, that’s how I see it! We were a family @ 1 point in time!
    I think 4 both sides it’s sad though! Think about it! They been residing together 4 yrs upon yrs & basically grew up @ JYP building/dorms etc, where majority of their time was spent, basically it’s like a family 4/2 them! 2 cut ties or remove memories, that’s like an F U, if u read btwn those lines, it is what it is! Very sad! I can only imagine both sides must be enduring roller coasters of emotions atm!
    Well good luck 2 them all in their future endeavors! FIGHTING
    What happened 4 them 2 go 2 those lengths? 2 show the world/every1 (few million ppl=every1..lol) They’ve totally severed ties & ain’t no going back! Like going far back like pics from 7-8 yrs ago..like delete them all..don’t want their pics on their pages/any1 2 associate them together! Thats deep! I’m shocked & shk!

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