GOT7’s Mark Official YouTube Channel Surpasses 600,000 Subscribers With No Video


Fans are super excited to see new content from GOT7’s Mark!

A couple of days ago, JYP Entertainment released an official press release to announce the news fans have been waiting to hear; GOT7 members will leave the agency after their contracts expire on January 19, no member decided to renew with the agency.

Each member will be pursuing their own solo activities for now. Mark was reported to be considering returning to his hometown of Los Angeles, United States to spend time with his family, and will open a YouTube channel while pursuing music in the U.S.

After the announcement, Mark shared a link to his YouTube channel to celebrate his first milestone; fans flocked to the channel to subscribe for more content from Mark. The channel surpassed 100,000 subscribers and Mark was super happy about the accomplishment, he tweeted,

Since many fans are looking forward to new content from him, many subscribed to the channel, it quickly rose in subscribers count and as of this writing, GOT7’s Mark YouTube channel has over 698,000 subscribers.

Have you subscribed to Mark’s channel yet? If you haven’t done so, here is the link.


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