GOT7’s Mark Departs To His Hometown After Leaving JYP Entertainment Surrounded By His Group Members

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GOT7’s Mark has left South Korea!

On January 31, videos of GOT7’s Mark departing for the U.S were posted to social media, Dispatch and Star News reporters were there to photograph Mark as he departed.

This comes after it was revealed that all of GOT7 members have decided not to renew with JYP following the expiration of their contracts. It was previously reported by Dispatch that Mark would be going back to his hometown to spend time with his family, open a YouTube channel, and work on solo music.

And that just happened.

Yugyeom, JB, and Jackson had gone there with Mark. JB posted a photo of them together before his departure. When asked by reporters if he’d be back, he said he’s coming back soon.

BamBam also shared a video of himself and Mark on his Instagram with the caption, “I’m going to miss you brother.”

Mark will release new solo music soon and has opened a YouTube channel as well.

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