GOT7’s BamBam Is Having A Field Day Teasing JB After He Opened His Official Twitter Account

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GOT7’s BamBam is as excited as the rest of us about JB’s new twitter account.

As fans already know, BamBam is very active on twitter, he chats with fans there, and every once and a while teases them.

On January 16, JB opened a new twitter account under the name Jay B. Fans were over the moon because of the happy news, however, BamBam was ‘skeptical,’ he couldn’t stop asking questions or teasing JB and questioning whether it’s even real,

In his first tweet, he asked,

Since JB didn’t reply back immediately, BamBam asked, “ahha~ too scared to reply brother?” before backtracking, “okay sorry, i’m out”

JB then gave the most jb-response ever with one simple word, ‘real,’ BamBam naturally didn’t take it well, and replied back, ‘fake…’

Fans were having lots of fun just seeing BamBam teasing his fellow GOT7 member.

We definitely can’t wait to see more of their interactions together on twitter!

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