GOT7 Members Dedicate A Handwritten Letter To Fans As Their Contract Officially Expires With JYP Entertainment

GOT7 Members have penned a handwritten letter to their fans and here is what it says!

January 19 marks the last day in GOT7 members contracts with JYP Entertainment, previously, it was revealed that none of the members was set to renew their contracts with the label and each one was in talks with another agency to begin the next chapter of their lives

On January 19 KST, all of the GOT7 members posted the same handwritten letter to their fans on their social media accounts, here is what it says,

“Ahgase (GOT7’s fanclub name I GOT7), this is GOT7.

First of all, we feel very apologetic to our fans about writing a letter for a reason like this. We’re parting ways without contract renewal with JYP, which launched our beginning with us, and worked hard for us until the end, as we cheer on each other’s futures.

All of us the members will be taking on a new beginning with people who will take responsibility for each of our respective futures. We’re writing you like this as we wanted to tell our fans first.

We’re well aware that no words can ease the hurt feelings and anxiousness felt by our Ahgase.

However, we think that there is just one thing that we can really say to Ahgase as GOT7. All of us will continue to make music for Ahgase, share it with you, and continue spending time together in the future.

Rather than leaving the memories with Ahgase, who have supported and watched over us who were lacking, in the past, we want to put them towards the future. In a way that isn’t just hope but a reality, we will show you guys our 7 members unique sides that will continue to grow for a long time, as we continue to grow in different ways.

Love you I GOT7.”

This marks the first time the members of GOT7 publicly expressed their positions after leaving JYP Entertainment.

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