GOT7 Mark Flabbergasted After YouTuber Exposes His Home Address + The YouTuber Issues An Apology


A YouTuber has exposed GOT7’s Mark address and fans have swung into action!

On January 9, GOT7 Mark tweeted in shock to his official account, he wrote,

While some fans weren’t aware of what was happened, people in the comment section cleared it up. Apparently, a YouTuber posted about his residence and home address [in LA] into her channel, thus exposing his private information for the whole world to see, things became worse as the video gained attention online with some thanking her for what she did.

Fans of GOT7 started tweeting about guides to report the YouTube video, as of this writing, the video has been set to private but fans can still report her channel.

In the comment section of his tweet, fans apologized to him and assured him that real fans are extremely upset about the invasion of privacy he’s suffered from.

Fans are hoping that Mark would take legal action against her for invading his privacy.

Not too long after she posted the original video, the same YouTuber posted an apology video to her YouTube channel, stating she’s sorry to Mark and his family and had no ill intentions, she also stated that she’s deleted the video forever but doesn’t know why YouTube is still showing that its private. The video was translated into English and she also apologized in English at the end as well.

In related news, Dispatch reported that GOT7 members won’t be renewing their contracts with their agency, in response; Mark tweeted about his feeling on the group assuring that GOT7 is forever. JYP also posted a response, more on that here.

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