Fans Shocked At PSY’s Weight Loss Seeing His Video Promoting HyunA’s New Comeback Song

PSY is making headlines in South Korea and it’s all because of a recent video he’s posted.

On January 28, PSY posted a video dancing to HyunA’s new comeback track “I am not cool,” the video was very funny and fans loved seeing him show support to his agency artists as he always does, fans also noticed that he’s lost weight.

Even HyunA noticed he’s lost weight and commented that he should ‘maintain his figure,’ PSY hilariously responded to fans by apologizing and promising to gain the weight back, there is a running gag between PSY and his fans about his chubby face, many fans were in on the joke and commented on how he should ‘gain back’ the weight since he looks so different.

Soon, many articles about PSY’s weight loss dominated realtime rankings on Naver, PSY ended up posting to instagram again to explain to the international fans who weren’t aware of this or to those who thought PSY’s apology was about something serious, he said,

“fyi, my Korean fans always don’t want my shape getting less chubby. I apologized them as a joke and those were on the news. This is not a serious situation.”

PSY currently manages his agency P-NATION which houses many artists including HyunA, Dawn, Jessi, Crush, Heize and more.

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