Fans Finally Get To See BTS Jungkook Arm Tattoos In Its Full Glory But K-Netizens Gave Mixed Responses, Here Is Why

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We finally have a full look of BTS Jungkook arm tattoos and it’s a hot topic.

On the most recent episode of “RUN BTS,” celebrity chef Baek Jong Won cooked with the members and gave them tips. A lot of parts of the show became a topic of discussion, among them, was Jungkook’s sleeve tattoos.

During the episode, Jungkook received a lot of praise from the chef as he showed off the cooking skills he’s gained from experience. During the episode, Jungkook rolled up his sleeve and his arm tattoos were finally visible and not censored.

Soon, photos of his arm tattoos were shared all over social media. One netizen shared the photos to an online community and it started a hot debate of whether it’s appropriate to have such tattoos or not. Some k-netizens appear to believe that it ‘ruins his image,’ and some commented that he has ‘too many’ tattoos. One netizen even commented that he looks ‘like a thug.’

This is because South Korea has somewhat a negative view of tattoos in general, in the past, only gangster used to get them. However, a lot of young Koreans get tattoos these days as it became more mainstream.

However, fans soon jumped into his defense stating that he has all the right to do whatever he wants with his body including getting tattoos. They defended him from the netizens who appear to want to dictate what he does with his body.  

Here are some photos of Jungkook arm tattoos:

What are your thoughts on them?

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  1. That’s the k netizens problem, as for me, he has one of the best well decorated body arts with that tattoo, nice skin and I love it. They are matured men that knows what’s good or bad for them. Koreans needs to grow up cos if at 21st century some people still have problems with tattoos or body arts then i don’t know why they are one of the most advanced country. More so, koreans needs to leave their celebrities alone, let them live, they are humans and I feel some of them are hypocrites cos some of them have people around them with similar tattoos all over their bodies or even stan some other celebrities with tattoos but because BTS is the main topic nowadays they pick on everything about them. I love kdramas, kpop and Korean culture but I kinda hate the way koreans treat their celebrities. Ugh

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