BTS V Playfully Spoils Tracks Of His Upcoming Mixtape, Says He Doesn’t Listen To The Agency Anyways

BTS V has personally treated fans to some major spoilers of his upcoming mixtape!

On December 30, BTS V sat down for 45 minutes to celebrate his birthday with fans. He talked about a lot of things and answered fans questions, many were asking him about his upcoming solo mixtape and he had the perfect answer.

He said,

“The mixtape right now… I do want to give you all the spoilers… its going to be delayed anyways…. I want to see how the agency reacts the second day.”

With a pouty face he added,

“it’s going to be delayed anyways, right?”

He glances at the crew for a second before smiling and playing a snippet of one of the songs, he spoiled one second of some of the songs of the mixtape and added,

“I am sorry; I don’t really listen to the agency.”

Fans couldn’t stop talking about how cute V sounded. They’re definitely counting the days until his solo mixtape release.

You can check out the full V Live here.

Are you excited about V’s upcoming mixtape?

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