BTS V Makes One Fan Dream Comes True And Now The Entire Fandom Is Envious

BTS V is known for his sweet interactions with ARMY on Weverse but this one might be one of the best ever!

Recently, one ARMY asked fans if they have pictures with 70% background and 30% person, and if they could share them with him/her.

This fan had no idea V was going to respond to her, shortly after the post was written, V commented,

“To the ARMY who said something about first row at BTS concerts…? Here are your 70% background with 30% person pictures.”

BTS V then blessed that fan with never-seen-before photos of himself and his members with the exact description, after V was done uploading the gorgeous photos, he commented,

“I uploaded some.”

The ARMY who originally posted the request couldn’t believe their eyes.

V is known for his great photography skills, fans couldn’t have been happier to see such amazing photos by V himself.

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