BTOB Changsub Responds To Backlash Regarding His OT7 Gesture At Recent Concert

BTOB Changsub has been under fire for a gesture he made at his group recent concert.

The controversy came to be on January 23 during BTOB 4U’s live online, Changsub looked into the camera and held up seven fingers, Peniel also did the same and the two also held up seven fingers for a photo after wrapping up.

The OT7 signal upset some fans who believed that Changsub shouldn’t have done this because its bad PR for his group, other interpreted this as Changsub showing support to Ilhoon despite the damage he’s done to his group with his controversy.

This comes after Ilhoon announced his departure from BTOB after it was reported that he was under investigation for habitual marijuana use [four to five years according to police reports], the news came as a huge shock to fans.

On January 25, Changsub addressed the backlash in an instagram post, he wrote,

“The emotions that has been held back and pent up as well as many thoughts burst uncontrollably when the “Our Concert” music played.

It was a gesture made to express that ‘let us all not forget the us from that time, I will keep them in my heart forever.’

I hope that this intention will not be distorted.

At the same time as I hope that this will be remembered in my heart and in all of your hearts, I will continue to grow, as BTOB and as Lee Chang Sub, into a good artist and a better person.

To Melody [BTOB fandom name], who have always trusted and walked together with us, I thank you and I love you.”

Do you think he deserved backlash?

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