BLACKPINK’s Rosé Recent Video Teaser Of Upcoming Solo Debut Revealed To Be For A Sub-Title Track

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Fans are literally freaking out after seeing the recent video teaser signaling the beginning of BLACKPINK’s Rosé solo debut promotions!

YG has released the first video teaser of BLACKPINK’s Rosé upcoming solo project. Fans went crazy for the video teaser and many people were talking about how good Rosé sounds. Turns out, the video teaser isn’t for the main track but for the sub-title track.

YG Entertainment shared a statement to news outlets following the release of the teaser; they explained that it’s for her upcoming sub-title track, meaning there is a separate title track.

Fans believe that Rosé will be performing the song featured in the teaser at her group’s upcoming online concert “THE SHOW” on January 31.

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