BLACKPINK Jennie’s YouTube Channel Surpasses 3 Million Subscribers In Two Days

BLACKPINK Jennie’s YouTube Channel subscribers count is off the roof!

BLACKPINK Jennie surprised fans by opening her own channel on her birthday, since then, fans have rushed to subscribe to her channel.

A couple of hours after she opened her channel, she surpassed 1 million subscribers, in a day, she surpassed 2 million subscribers.

On January 18, Jennie’s YouTube channel surpassed 3 million subscribers managing to break records by becoming one of the fastest channels to have ever achieved this.

As of this writing, Jennie’s YouTube channel sits at 3.48 million subscribers and her first and only video has already surpassed 12 million views. Fans are super excited to see what she’s going to upload to her channel.

Are you subscribed to her yet? If you haven’t, here is the link.

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