BLACKPINK Fans Furious With Reporter For Claiming Jennie ‘Gained Too Much Weight’


Fans are not reacting kindly to one Korean reporter who wrote an article that claims BLACKPINK Jennie has gained weight.

On a recent news site, one reporter wrote this headline,

“Didn’t Jennie gain too much weight? BLACKPINK’s Jennie makes fans worried with the recent photo of herself in 2021”

The headline is referring to the photo she posted recently, her cute cheeks can be seen in the photo, and it appears that the reporter interpreted it as a sign she’s gained ‘too much weight.’

As you’d expect, fans didn’t react kindly to the report, they came to Jennie’s defense and criticized the reporter for shaming Jennie and claiming she’s gained weight to get clicks on their site.

What do you think of this?



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