BewhY To Sue Malicious Commenters After Receiving Backlash For A Recent Radio Show Appearance

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Rapper BewhY has recently posted to his instagram a notice of his decision to take strict legal action against malicious commenters!

This comes after BewhY’s appearance on a radio show alongside rapper Khundi Panda. During the show, they were under fire for their actions. Clips of the radio appearance went viral on social media.

Soon, various Korean news outlets covered the issue; fans were especially disappointed in BewhY because he is known for his nice image. Other fans defended the rapper saying that things were taken out of context to paint a worse picture of the situation that occurred.

Shortly after, his agency issued an apology to the fans and revealed they have contacted DAY6 Young K and the production staff to offer their apologies as well.

Netizens then criticized both rappers for ‘hiding behind their agency’ and for not personally releasing an apology. After this, both rappers copy-pasted the agency’s apology onto their instagram accounts causing more backlash.

BewhY received more backlash since he posted the apology copy to his instagram, as of this writing this apology post has been deleted. The one posted by his agency is still up.

On January 18, BewhY posted again to his instagram to announce his decision to sue malicious commenters after the recent backlash. He uploaded a photo of a phone call with his lawyer as well as screenshots of some of the hateful comments he’s been receiving as a result.

He wrote,

“Once again, we apologize to those who have been offended by us.

However, we will never overlook malicious comments written only by malicious editing and fabrication that are different from the actual situation.

In order to take action, we have completed the data collection and we will take legal action against malicious rumors or malicious comments and messages without any leniency.

In addition, we will continue to collect and legally respond to malicious comments and posts directed to artists of the Dejavu Group, including myself.

(The apology previously posted has been kept for a while to prevent follow-up and deletion of comments.)”

His new post has garnered mixed responses from his fans on instagram, with some supporting his decision to sue malicious commenters who took things out of context while others blamed him for not apologizing correctly for what had happened.

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