FNC Entertainment has shared that AOA Yuna has left their label!

On January 1, FNC Entertainment announced that AOA Yuna departured the agency 8 years later, her exclusive contract has come to an end with them and they’ve decided on a mutual agreement that she shall leave the agency.

In their statement they sincerely thanked Yuna and asked fans to continue cheering her on as she prepares for a fresh start.

Yuna had been promoting as part of AOA and as an actress. She debuted as part of AOA in 2012.

This comes after the breaking news of Mina exposing former AOA member Jimin for bullying during the entirety of her activities with the group. The group members were under immense fire by association and fans haven’t heard much of updates on the group’s future since then.

FNC didn’t comment on whether Yuna remains a part of AOA or not.

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