Another Protest Truck Sent To Big Hit Entertainment, This Time For BTS Jimin, Here Is Why


BTS Jimin fans have sent a protest truck to Big Hit Entertainment headquarters!

One Jimin’s international fans unions has sent a protest truck that will be stationed there from 10 – 6pm KST.  The trucks are airing messages of some of the fans issues with the way Big Hit has been handling Jimin including: not giving him enough solo activities, preventing him from reaching his full potential, and not protecting him enough from the malicious comments and rumors.

The fans who support the truck idea alongside the union have been trending these hashtags on twitter: #RespectJimin, #BeFairToJimin and #ProtectJimin.

The truck idea has received mixed responses from fans yet again; a part of the fandom is supporting the idea while the other part says it wasn’t necessary and it would cause ‘embarrassment to Jimin’ if he finds out.

This is the 3rd time a protest truck has been sent to Big Hit, the first time was done by Jin fans and the second time was done by K-ARMY who protested the management of Big Hit for the entire group.

BigHit Entertainment has yet to issue a response.

What do you think of this?


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