Actress Han So Hee has been rushed to the ER after fainting on the set of her upcoming drama “Undercover.”

The actress had difficulties breathing and was rushed to the emergency as a result. She has felt various symptoms including difficulty of breathing while filming for “Undercover,” thus, filming was halted and she was rushed to the hospital.

According to an insider, the actress has been filming action scenes without using a body-double due to the sense of responsibility she felt, the filming was halted because she suffered rib injuries due to the many intense actions scenes she’s filmed, she’s had difficulty breathing last night.

The source stated that its nothing serious and that Han So Hee will be focusing on recovery and won’t shoot the next day

Han So Hee plays the role of an undercover who infiltrates police to reveal secrets behind the death of her father, the upcoming Netflix drama will air in 2021.

Source: (A)


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