2PM To Come Back As A Full Group In March Of 2021 Following Junho’s Discharge


Get ready, 2PM coming is happening very soon!

The wait for 2PM fans is almost over, with approximately 2 months until Junho’s discharge, fans have been counting the days until they hear see 2PM as a full group once again.

On January 14, JYP Entertainment officially announced that 2PM is planning to come back in March as a full group with all six members. 2PM hasn’t made a full group comeback since 2016 as the members began enlisting in the military.

When their contracts renewals came up, Taecyeon didn’t renew with JYP and has instead opted for an actor’s agency, however, he didn’t leave the group and marked he’d join future comeback plans.

Junho is currently scheduled to be discharged from the military on March 20, 2021.

Are you excited to see 2PM comeback as one group?

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