2AM Seulong Fined 7 Million Won For Causing Accident That Resulted In The Death Of A Pedestrian


2AM’s Seulong has received a fine for causing a car accident that killed a pedestrian.

Seulong was involved in a car accident last year where he hit a pedestrian resulting in his death, it was found that the pedestrian was jaywalking, and the singer was confirmed to have been sober at the time of the accident.

On January 18, Korean news outlets reported that after Seulong was charged for violating the ‘Special Act on the Handling of Traffic Accidents,’ he’s settled with the family and received a fine.

After taking into account the fact that he settled with the family, the court fined the singer 7 million won [$6342] on the 13th of this month as the court still recognized that he’s killed the pedestrian, he was handed a fine without a formal trial since he’s settled with the family of the deceased.   

If he wishes to challenge the fine, he may request a formal trial within a week of receiving the summary order.

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