“Without Lee Soo Man, There Would Be No BTS,” ARMY Furious With This Media Outlet Report


A recent online media report has stirred a debate on various social media platforms as fans discuss whether it’s true or not.

On December 22, a Korean media outlet called The Hankyoreh published a report in which the journalist claims without Lee Soo Man, there would be no BTS.

The article systematically goes through the chain of events that led Bang Shi Hyuk to establish his agency, from Park Jin Young (J.Y Park) failing SM’s audition in the past to how he became so big and established his own agency, and how Bang Shi Hyuk worked with him and then later went on to establish his own agency, Big Hit Entertainment.

The article highlights the struggles SM had to go through, and dubs Lee Soo Man the ‘father of Kpop,’ the journalist stresses that he laid the foundation for the Kpop industry. And since he laid the foundation, there wouldn’t be BTS without him.

“Without Lee Soo Man, we wouldn’t have been able to witness the success of BTS right now.”

Lee Soo Man was one of the first companies to successfully produce various idol groups using the now- popular formula; he is basically the one who started the ‘idol formula’ in South Korea, beginning with H.O.T. in 1996.

However, the journalist choice of words and how he linked Lee Soo Man’s success with the idol-formula to BTS massive global success didn’t go well with fans who called the article ‘crap,’ many talked about how far-fetched the article is, and how it somehow link Lee Soo Man to the success of BTS. Other fans also detailed how Lee Soo Man was never interested in the American market, and focused instead on the Japanese and Chinese market, and how JYP and YG were the ones who ventured out to the American market first.

Added to that, many believe that its more correct to say that without Seo Taiji there wouldn’t be Lee Soo Man.

Many ARMY are criticizing the journalist for trying to link BTS success to a piece about Lee Soo Man.

What do you think of the journalist claim? do you agree with it?


  1. According to the journalist if the was no Lee soo man then there won’t be BTS. What about other artists? If this guy is the father of K-pop then even other artists success won’t be if he wasn’t there.

    These people should stop doing like this.


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