Was SBS “Inkigayo” Staff Caught Cursing At aespa’s Ningning During Performance? SBS Apologizes And Explains The Situation

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SBS “Inkigayo” has responded to fans backlash after aespa’s Ningning fancam from their show went viral.

On November 29, aespa’s Ningning performed with her group on SBS “Inkigayo” and a fancam was later uploaded on December 1. Korean fans of aespa noticed that around the 10 seconds mark, a person can be heard cursing saying ‘it’s f*cking uncoordinated/doesn’t fit,’ fans were shocked after hearing this and many began to comment on the fancam asking for a response and apology from SBS.

On November 7, SBS responded with a statement explaining that a conversation unrelated to aespa stage was recorded in the final fancam and the staff member who manages the video uploaded it without catching that error, they apologized to the fans who might’ve taken offense by this matter and promised to be more careful with future uploads.

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Here is the original fancam:

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